The Chelsea boot

The Chelsea boot

When bootmaker J. Sparkes-Hall delivered an ankle-high boot to Queen Victoria in 1837, little did he know a fashion icon was born. Under their original name of ‘Paddock boots’, the sturdy boots with newly designed volcanized rubber sole and elasticised inserts made them an everyday boot for an active monarch. This versatility and royal linage ensured popularity for both men and women throughout Victorian times, however it wasn’t until the 1950s that the boot enjoyed an illustrious second-wave of popularity that continues to this very day. On the pavements of London’s famous King’s Road strolled a young and vivacious crowd of artists and socialites who wore the newly-crowned #chelseaboot back into popular culture. Fashion icons such as #JeanShrimpton and #MaryQuant were at the very core of this set. Influenced by the American #greaser subculture of the time and the rise of Rock and Roll music, it wasn’t long before their status as must-have footwear went stratospheric when spotted on the feet of the #beatles and later the #rollingstones. 

Apart from the celebrity-fuelled backing, it was again the wearability and versatility that made the #chelseaboot a fashion staple, worn with anything from a tailored suit to ragged jeans. This chic adaptability and flexibility is why this fall winter season New Lovers Shoes has designed an array of #chelseaboot styles. From our style #CALISTO featuring a casual pointed toe and stacked heel in snake embossed velour, to #ODELLE a #classic round toe and wrapped block heel. Last but by no means least, for those with a trendier persuasion we have created the #glam #metallic #musthave for this season #HOPE in gold laminated leather with a thick-stacked 8cm cuban heel and EDRIS sporting a square-toe in black suede and gold finish.

#Chelseboots can be worn anytime and anywhere. Be adventoruos for styling your #chelseaboots, so try the chic combo with skinny jeans and an oversize coat or with skirts and flowing dresses. The contrast between the masculine boot and the girly flirty dress adds edge and sex appeal. When looking for inspiration, look no further than the #bestofbritish fashionistas #Alexachung or #EllieRowsell or the French #boho glam of #LouDoillon.

Now choose your favourite New Lovers’ style this season! #neveroutofstyle #Chelseaboot 

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